This entry is the final in a series of twelve daily posts, reflecting on the twelve days of my trip with my father to Israel in September 2011…

“Day 12… or, the long trip home”

Stayed at the kibbutz, at Rina’s last night, though didn’t sleep.  Drove to the airport a bit after midnight.  5am flight out of Tel Aviv, with a two-hour layover in Amsterdam before reaching NYC.  Thought about exiting and reentering customs in Amsterdam, just for the stamp on the passport, but decided against it.

Hoping Mom’s able to pick us up from the airport so I can see her for a little bit before driving back to DC this evening.

It was Thursday, day 10, that we realized we were ready for the vacation to end.  Not that we weren’t still having fun together, or enjoying the time, or seeing good things – just that we were ready to get back to real life.  My father turned to me and said “You know, I’m having a great time, but I’m ready to go home.  I miss the house, I miss your sister, and I really miss your mother.”  He said it first, but I was thinking the same thing.  Enjoying vacation still, of course, but ready to get back to real life and the normal routine again in a few days.

I guess two weeks is a long time to be away from your normal life.  There are some things that I thought would stick with me, but I haven’t thought about twice, like work – and there are things I didn’t think I’d care about that keep coming to mind and staying there.  There are people I thought I’d be thinking about who, now that I consider it, haven’t crossed my mind since being here – and then there have been daily reminders of a few folks I didn’t think would come up or I hadn’t thought about in a long time.  Funny how some time away changes your perspective on things.

Had three cups of coffee today… which makes thirty-eight cups over the twelve-day trip.  That’s healthy, right?


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