My Wardrobe

My Wardrobe

The other weekend, I made a pit stop at ACE Hardware to pick up a few items for my place. The big purchase was a second drying rack for my laundry. Then it dawned on me: How did I become a guy who needs two drying racks to do laundry?

Well, as a video editor I spend most of my day sitting in a chair in a small room alone. My first job after college had a pretty loose dress code, so I only wore jeans and t-shirts to work. They were always clean and cool looking t-shirts, but I got away with a lot. Now my next job is a bit stricter, so I cut the everyday t-shirt out of my work wardrobe. Then I checked out a few stores and started buying shirts with collars or buttons from EXPRESS. Slowly with every paycheck I replaced an old item in my wardrobe. Nearly two years later, I’m in a hardware store buying a second drying rack.

I could look down on this as weak and silly, but I think it’s actually an important step in manhood. I think you need to own clothes that you wear regularly that you can NOT put in a dryer because it will shrink. These clothes require extra care and more responsibility to manage. It’s all part of learning to grow up. Taking on more responsibility is manhood, so I’m making it a rule for my nephews. On their twenty-first birthdays, they will get a drying rack from me with a note: “Dear nephew, it’s time to start putting the childish things away and start dressing like a man. Warning: these clothes do not belong in the dryer. – Love, Uncle Z”

So if you don’t have a drying rack, go buy one. If you don’t have clothes that shrink in a dryer, go buy some. If it’s your first time, take your mom, sister, girlfriend, or female friend you would like to date. Let them help you pick out a few items and then keep buying those same items in different colors and patterns. As your wardrobe expands, so will you confidence – and nothing is more grown-up than confidence.

That is the Drying Rack Trick.


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